100% Student of KIN School have Passed SSC 2021

 With great pleasure, KIN is announcing that 19 students of KIN School has participated in the Secondary School Certificate examination in the year of 2021. A total of 100 percent candidates of KIN School have passed this year’s SSC and equivalent examinations.

Candidates of Secondary School Certificate Examination are,
  1.   Muntaha Rahman       4.00 (A)
  2.   Akhi                                 4.11 (A)
  3.   Aftab                                3.69 (A-)
  4.   Yasmin                            3.89 (A-)
  5.   Farjana                            3.67 (A-)
  6.   Masuma                          3.33 (B+)
  7.  Juthi                                  3.06 ( B )
  8.  Choiti                                2.94 (C)
  9.  Fahima                             2.94 (C)
  10.  Tahmina                          2.44 (C)
  11.  Pintu                                 2.78 (C)
  12.  Tuhin                               (A-)
  13.  Aysha Akter Farzana  2.5 (C+)
  14.  Najmin Akter                 ( B )
  15.  Sanjani                            ( B )
  16.  Sima Rahman
  17.  Sumaiya
  18.  Rabeya                             2.5 (C+)
  19.  Muntaha
  20.  Ritu                                    (A)

The lifestyle of the students of KIN School is completely different from that of ordinary children and adolescents. They come here from marginalized families.KIN School strives to spread the light of education by providing guidance to these tenderhearted students.

KIN would like to extend its heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to all the candidates of KIN hopes that the students will keep up the good work in the future with great enthusiasm and develop themselves to be good people and better serve the nation.

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