Blood Donation

The Blood Sector is one of the five wings of KIN. As the first word of the slogan of KIN says, Respond. The Blood Sector makes this slogan meaningful by working with jurisdictions to determine the clinical requirements for blood. We negotiate and manage contacts with donors, aiming to manage blood as soon as possible after receiving a call from the recipient. At that point, we contact various donors and attempt to help them comprehend the situation, persuading them to donate blood.

KIN blood donation

Once someone agrees to donate blood, we then connect them with the recipient. We strive to promote safe, high-quality management and use of blood. We meet patient needs by ensuring a safe, secure, adequate, and affordable supply of blood. To improve the blood supply, we also organize programs such as Blood Donation Camp and Blood Donor's Hunt, which help develop and facilitate strategies. Our goal is to enhance the sustainability and affordability of the blood supply. KIN has been recognized as the Highest Blood Donating Organization for 9 times in the Sylhet Division by SANDHANI (SOMC Unit).