Most frequent questions and answers

What is KIN?

KIN is a voluntary organization of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology ,Sylhet. The word KIN stands for “Relative”. It was founded in the year 2003 with the help of some young dreamers from SUST. KIN works with its five wings of KIN School, Blood Donation, Social Awareness, Warm Cloth Collection and Distribution and Charity Program.

Why was KIN founded?

KIN was founded with a view to help the poor destitute people living around the university area with the basic necessities of human life. KIN helps them as a relative helps us in our time of emergency.

How does KIN work?

The workforce of this organization are some young helpful students from SUST. They willfully come here and gets involved in the voluntary activities wholeheartedly.

What kind of program do we arrange?

We arrange programs on different national days like Independence Day, Victory day etc. Moreover we arrange programs to enrich our wings like KIN Blood Camp, KIN Dental Camp, KIN বই উৎসব etc.

What are our goals?

As KIN works with the motto of “আত্মার কাছে দায়বদ্ধতায় হাতে রাখি হাত” our ultimate goal is to help the poor, helpless people living around the university area to ensure a better living for them. We dream of a day when all people will get the same opportunities within the socio-economic structure of the country.

What is KIN School?

School is one of the most important wings of KIN that works for the underprivileged poor students living around SUST area. We provide both study materials and monetary help to them.

Who teach them?

Anyone who have the voluntary mindset to provide the students with new knowledge comes here and teach them. The students also warmly welcomes them and learn new lessons with great enthusiasm.

Who studies here at KIN School?

The underprivileged, poor school students living around the university area comes here to get help with their academic and extra curricular activities. We spare 1 hour everyday for them in this regard.

How does Blood Donation wing works?

We response to emergency blood calls that we receive at any time. Our purpose is to manage blood at any time and thus creating a relation with human kind through the safe flow of blood.

How does Social Awareness wing works?

Social awareness wing works through arranging campaigns to stop superstitious and heinous activities like giving dowry, throwing acid etc. We also arrange programs on different national and International days.

What are the motives of Social Awareness wing?

Our ultimate goal is to make the illiterate people aware of their social rights. And also to help them to protect themselves from being a prey of every kind of abusive and heinous crimes.

How does Charity Program wing works?

Charity program wing responses to every humanitarian call where life is facing endangerment. Through arranging programmes like KIN Boi Utshob (Book Fair), KIN Charity Fest etc we raise fund to donate to the needy ones.

How does Warm Cloth Collection & Distribution wing works?

We collect warm clothes either by arranging voluntary move around the city to gather unnecessary clothes from people or we raise fund through voluntary donation and buy clothes for the poor people. On a fixed date we go and distribute the clothes among the needy ones.