Education is one of the basic necessities of human life, and it is the only weapon that holds the power of changing an entire nation. But unfortunately some children are lagging behind in that race either because they are not aware of its importance or they can’t bear the expenses the opportunity brings with it. In Year 2004 , A group of young dreamer of Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (SUST), one day took the aim of spreading the light of education among the leftover, underprivileged children of the society so that they can also have the access to that opportunity. To fulfill that the noble aim, “KIN School” was formed.

Our Activities:
  • KIN School strongly believes that it is necessary for a child to stay fit in order to get the best out of what he reads. With that view, other than their education it also arranges different health related programs like free health checkups, free eye checkups for the children. On 28th June 2019 , KIN School along with ” সাঁকো “ arranged free dental camp for kids where dentists from “Shahjalal Microscopic and Endodontic Center” came and gave free checkups and advises to the children.
  • Moreover to raise patriotism and moral awareness among children, KIN School arranged various educational programs and contests for the children on various national days like- International Mother Language Day, Independence Day, Victory Day etc.
  • KIN every year celebrates its annual anniversary to mark the day of its establishment. Last year on 29th March, KIN School along with its students and well-wishers has arranged a cultural program and celebrated the day wholeheartedly.
  • KIN School also provides warm clothes every year during winter season among the underprivileged children of the society to make sure they are also enjoying the same kind of warmness in cold days like other children. Last year on 19th December, KIN School provided warm clothes for the 90 students of this school.
  •  KIN believes in the fact that sharing is caring. That is why every year KIN School distributes EID clothes among the poor children with a view to mutually share the happiness that EID brings in our lives. On 2019 KIN School arranged “KIN ঈদ আনন্দ” where it distributed EID clothes among 125 students of KIN School.

KIN School discharges its curricular activities every day from 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm  in the room no-131 of IICT Building, SUST. The workforce of this school are some young, helpful students of SUST who voluntarily come and work for the children wholeheartedly. You are also cordially being invited to spend an hour from your busy schedule with these poor innocent souls so their belief in humanity grows a bit more and they can generalize themselves with other privileged children of the society a bit more.


  •  From the very beginning, KIN School is working for both the institutional and extra curricular activities of the underprivileged children. It also works  devotedly for the mental, character and moral development of them.
  •  It has been providing study materials like pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener etc to its students and also monetarily helping its students in their need.