KIN started it’s own journey to spread awareness among people. Since then, keeping that goal in mind, KIN is constantly working to increase social awareness among the general people. KIN organizes various awarness programmes on important national and international days, e.g. Children’s day, Labour day, Mental health day,Blood donar day, Environment day, International mother language day, Independence day, victory day etc. KIN also protests against the various injustices that are happening around us.

For Example- KIN protested against sexual violence occured at TSC on 1st Baishakh of 1422 BS and also against all sexual harassment that took place before and after that, by organizing human chain and rally in students of SUST in 2019 .

KIN also organised a protest programme ‘চলো আওয়াজ তুলি’ against all Eve-teasing, sexual harassments and rapists in 2015 . Such protest programmes were also held in 2015 and in 2014 against various injustices happening around us.