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Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope
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Education is the key to unlocking other human rights
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It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving
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It’s good to be blessed. It’s better to be a blessing
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About us

The word "KIN" stands for "relative". KIN was founded in the year 2003 with the help of some young dreamers from SUST.

KIN was founded with a view to helping the destitute people living around the University area with the basic necessities of human life. KIN helps them as a relative helps us in our time of emergency.

We Find

We find blood for patients in need and to motivate people to donate blood.

We Educate

We educate children living around SUST area with a view to pass on the light of education to every corner of the society.

We Provide Care

We provide winter clothes for cold stricken poor families living in the remote corners of the country.

We Consult

We raise awareness among people to make them aware of their rights and stop violent activities that happens toward women.

We Serve

 We arrange charity programs to serve various humanitarian purposes on the basis of their urgency.

What we have achieved

throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

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Donation Managed
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Clothes Provided
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Sponsor a Child

You can now sponsor a student of KIN School through carrying their educational costs, providing them clothes & other financial needs.

Adopt Pets And Save Their Lives

Why bother shopping for pets when they are thousands of homeless puppies and kittens looking for a family? Adopt rescued animals from our shelters and make a change in the lives of animals in your area.

Our Achievements

KIN was awarded the Joy Bangla Youth Award by Young Bangla for being one of the 50 best organizations among the other 1300 organizations and awarded by SANDHANI 8 times in a row for being the Best Non-medical Blood Donation Organization.

Hear From Our Well-wishers

Become A Volunteer!

KIN encourages everyone who wishes to work for the poor, helpless people and bring a positive change in their lives, to be a part it. Every year we launch Organizing Week where you can collect our membership forms. Through viva process you can be selected as our General Member.

The other most convenient way of doing so is by joining “KIN School”. As the workforce of this place are some young helpful students from SUST who voluntarily come and work for the children wholeheartedly, KIN encourages new faces every year to come and join them

Get In Touch With Us

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