Charity & Aid

To assist poverty-stricken individuals, KIN organizes a variety of charity programs, such as the Charity Film Fest, Charity Poster, Charity T-shirt, Charity Wristband, Charity পিঠা উৎসব , and Charity বই মেলা . The funds raised from these programs are utilized sincerely.

KIN Charity

In 2021, KIN organized the ' KIN LUDO Tournament 2021: Roll The Dice To Save A Smile ' and ' KIN Action Against Hunger 3.0'.

In 2020, the event বন্যার্তদের আর্তনাদঃ প্রতিস্পন্দনে আমরা was held to help the flood-affected people. Additionally, KIN PUBG Mobile Tournament: Play To Feed A Life, KIN Action Against Hunger 2.0, and KIN Action Against Hunger were organized to assist people during the Covid-19 epidemic.

In 2019, as a charity program, KIN Book Fair 19 was organized to provide financial assistance for the treatment of a poor CNG driver who suffered from cancer. The entire dividend of 1 lakh tk from the books and T-shirts sold was handed over to him for his treatment.

In 2018, the KIN Charity Film Fest, KIN Charity Poster were organized to save the lives of two individuals. The charity poster program included PVC posters, KIN wristbands, and custom posters for medical assistance for the patients.

In 2017, KIN organized the KIN Book Fair to help a high-school student who suffered from Leukemia. A total of Tk. 1 lakh from the dividends of selling books, t-shirts, and wristbands was handed over to his father. Additionally, Tk. 30,400 was given to help a student from SUST.

In 2016, the KIN Charity Film Fest was organized, and in 2015, both the KIN Book Fair and KIN Charity Film Festival took place. In 2014, the KIN Book Fair was organized to help a young boy who suffered from Lung Cancer.